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EIPCS Smart Recruit is a cloud based enterprise recruitment software. It allows professionals to streamline the entire recruiting process effectively. The cloud based smart recruit enterprise helps you scuce time to hire, automates your staffing process and provides you with the competitive tools to improve the productivity of your sales and Recruiting team.

Resume Management

Parse , Collect and Extract resumes from multiple sources thus saving time and helping you to creating your own talent database with a Powerful Search and filters

Applicant Tracking

Track the applicant as it moves through your hiring process with data from multiple review stages captusc with the applicant record

Careers Site Management

Post a Job Directly to a Job Site or your company Web Site career page, customize application forms saving precious time



Scheduling and conducting interviews can be difficult and time consuming, but is perhaps the most important step of the recruitment process. Interviews would allow a hiring manager to get to know a candidate quicker and more completely than messaging or reviewing a resume. Smart Recruit software is now equipped with more tools than ever before to assist with interviews.

Coordinate multiple schedule at one time Automatically link to a candidate profile for easy viewing and organizing Dramatically scuce the chance of errors disrupting the interview process and increase positive candidate experience. Set Alerts and Notifications


Recruitment Automation

Smart Recruit automation technology will allows companies to automate recruiting tasks and workflows so they can increase recruiter productivity, accelerate time-to-fill, scuce cost-per-hire and improve the overall talent profile of the organization.

Search Within Candidate Profiles

Harness the power of Digital search tools which is smart & accurate thus providing valuable information you need by scanning hundsc of candidate profile based on job skills and other information that’s relevant to your hiring process

Track Applicant Status

It's easy to know what stage of the hiring process each of your candidates is in with our Smart Recruit thus clearing the bottle necks by optimize your hiring process accordingly

Customizable Recruitment Workflow

Create custom hiring stages within Smart Recruit - you can design the optimal recruitment process for each of your openings–from start to finish



Reports are the detailed and informative list of records. Each report provides access to important data requisc for various purposes. Use Smart Recruit reports and analytics to refine your recruiting process.

Track the source of most qualified candidates to improve job board ROI and see the progress of your open jobs. Drill down into aggregate data to assess your hiring speed over time and analyze activity reports to help your team improve

Additional Features


Work Force Capital Management System

Managing your workforce effectively is vital to an organization’s success. Maximize your workforce by using EIPCS WCMS consisting a set of tools that can be used increase overall efficiency and productivity.

WCMS covers a wide range of HR sectors using comprehensive technology that offers a spectrum of solutions with Agility and Actionable Insight. Our Scope of workforce management covers several aspects of human resources, such as payroll; benefits administration; time, attendance, and scheduling; talent and performance management; and career development


Enables You With System For An Efficient And Trained Workforce, To Ensure The Organization Productivity. Technology should help you spend less time focused on day-to-day tasks and more time managing the strategic aspects of human resources and the finances of payroll. Our enterprise management system is a modular set of tools designed around a single source database, which means you get one integrated and customizable solution. That solution saves time and provides business intelligence that you can use to manage your business more effectively.

On Boarding

Our On boarding module guides you through your organization’s onboarding and induction procedures. The process benefit from automation, significantly Reducing the burden on both managers and the HR team, there are automatic notifications to relevant departments for issues such as building access, user accounts, security passes, etc. The onboarding functions also interface with the performance and talent management modules.

Operation / Administration

HR ensures the efficient management of resources and operational risk control measures are in place to keep up business activities. Responsible for payroll management, employee data maintenance, and risk and compliance management. All HR-related queries, disseminates policy updates to employees, conducts employee satisfaction surveys, and Preparing documents such as non-disclosure agreements, contracts and procedural manuals

Employee Self Service Portal

Employee self-service portal allows employees to view and manage their payroll and HR information. The self-service portal for employees can be a huge time saver for you. Employees can do more payroll and HR tasks on their own. When employees are less reliant on you, you have more time to run your business



The all-in-one, comprehensive immigration case management solution, designed to run your business successfully.

It would enable organizations to reach their full potential by enabling seamless processes and workflows, creating visibility and accountability, and generating efficiencies and profitability across the organization.

Helps to overcome the challenges presented with intake, document storage and more


Career Job Portal

Reaching out to wide Range of Audience is now a must ….

a convenient and the fastest platform where employers’ post job requirements and job seekers can directly apply for their desisc jobs.


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