An Intelligence Driven Recruitment Software

Many employers don’t have the best recruitment technology to support a seamless recruitment experience. If the job seeker gets frustrated with the hiring process, they will seek out job opportunities elsewhere. A perfect hiring process offers your organization the chance to acquire the top talent that can strengthen the team.

EPICS SMART RECRUIT is the best technology that can meet the recruitment demand for every organization. It improves productivity and saves time and money. The use of Artificial Intelligence helps in improving efficiency and effectiveness and eventually helps in boosting the decision-making process.

CV Management

As a part of the recruitment procedure, recruitment professionals often switch to multiple windows to shortlist the resumes from multiple sources which take a lot of time and effort, sometimes it will drag the entire recruitment process.

CV Management can help to organize the resumes or CVs from multiple sources. It saves a great time and power up the search with filters to create own talent database

Tracking Application

In general, recruiters follow different stages of recruitment as a part of their recruitment procedure. The application tracking system in SMART RECRUIT can enhance the applicant tracking by capturing the data from multiple review stages. Hence eases the finalizing of the right talent.

Job Posting Made Easy With Career Site Management

Recruiters can simply manage the job postings by posting on the company website, career page or customize the application forms with ease using career site management. It saves a lot of time and provides easy management.

Simplifying Interviews

Recruiters can coordinate multiple schedules at one shot and can link the candidate profile automatically. Hence it helps in reducing the errors that disrupt the interview process and increase the positive candidate experience.