Every employer wants the same thing, to know that their employees are working effectively and improving productivity each day. But, as the company keeps growing, it can be difficult to track every employee and how they spend their time on tasks and on which time they are IN and OUT in which sometimes it feels like out of the loop

To make sure this doesn’t happen, employers can switch to Timesheet management system to track the work progress and employee productivity at one shot. Lanonic, having more than a decade of experience in the HR domain, we have transformed the utilization of the timesheets to the next level. With the launch of employee timesheet Management System (ETMS), we aim, at automating the inputs and deliver abilities between the employee and organization to track productivity with a crystal clear analysis.

The main purpose of the timesheets is for payroll, The modern system can offer more to business owners and managers. The Lanconic ETMS can be a single holistic view of the entire workforce which can the organization more productive.

No More Downtime For Invoices With Our Dashboard

By using the timesheet app, companies can easily automate the billing and generate invoices without the need of spending more time in payroll processing. Our dashboard can even simplify the process and reduce the downtime for preparing the invoices and hence improves the financial costs and saves more time.

A System Beyond Payroll Management

Timesheet app developed by Lanconic can serve beyond the payroll management as the timesheets have great features that can help HR managers to save time and effort. Managers can raise an invoice, Measure performance and analyze the time-hogging projects with one click. The system provides complete transparency and will be a great benefit for the organization.

Track The On-Site And Remote Employee Productivity At One Go

For a company that spread across the globe with onsite ad remote working employees, it is tedious to track what they are working on and how they are performing. By using the ETMS, managers can simply evaluate the performance of the employee at one click. Managers can assign tasks, track the work time, create a checklist from the office.

Build Customized Reports With Ease

Every company is different and a standard report template will not serve the purpose. By using the ETMS, managers can build a customized report to meet their current needs and get the relevant information from the dashboard. It helps in improving the time and eases in assisting the management discussions